Greener Operations

Our direct carbon footprint comes from the electricity we use to power our warehouses and the fuel we use to drive our trucks. We do our best to minimize our impact and drive innovation for improved environmental performance.

Our Goal

25% reduction


(against a 2016 baseline)

reducing energy usage - Agility

Our Progress

With direct emissions down 8% from 2016, we are on target to reach our goal. We’ve also reduced our carbon footprint by 23% since we started recording in 2011.


(Thousands of Metric Tons of CO2e)

Featured Environmental Initiatives

reduction in energy - Agility

50% reduction in energy usage at two Dubai facilities

The Middle East, where we have our largest operational footprint, is a climate hotspot. Cheap, abundant fossil fuels means electricity consumed there typically generates more carbon-equivalent emissions per kilowatt hour than in other regions.


69% or more reduction in electricity usage at data centers

Since 2011, Agility has been working to reduce power consumption and CO2 emissions from our data centers/servers in Irvine, California and Leeds, UK. In Irvine, an original virtualization and consolidation project in 2011 reduced the server totals by over 60%.

Agility Kuwait Management - Agility

Agility Kuwait Management Building achieved LEED Silver Certification

The Agility Management Building, which was finalized in January 2017, was built with state-of-the-art sustainability features that maximizes the use of natural light while improving overall cooling efficiency and energy use.

High Volume, Low Speed fans keep employees cool and save on energy

Our increasingly warmer world has an impact on the safety and comfort of our employees, as well as our energy costs. Agility Hong Kong invested in four industrial High Volume, Low Speed (HVLS) fans that cool down the high temperature of the warehouses on hot summer days, keeping employees comfortable.

Agility Spain commits to source 100% renewable energy in 2019

This June, Agility Spain has committed to source 100% renewable energy for all facilities (offices and warehouses). The renewable sourcing guarantee comes in the form of renewable energy credits (RECs) from Nexus Energía, a renewable energy provider active in Spain, Portugal and Germany.

NAS Uganda launches eco-friendly vehicles at Entebbe International Airport

National Aviation Services (NAS) has joined the Ugandan Civil Aviation Authority’s efforts to combat climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by introducing electric forklifts and tractors into its operations in the country.


Agility is rated in the top 4% of our industry for environmental sustainability and top 18% of all suppliers by Ecovadis.

More from Environment

Greener Supply Chains

As a freight forwarder, over 95% of our total carbon footprint is generated by shipments on airplanes, ships, trains or trucks that Agility does not own or operate. Collaboration is key, so we work with shippers, carriers and other supply chain partners to drive a transition to low carbon supply chains.

*Figures shown are best available, self-reported data on electricity and fuel usage from 75% of our largest operations (about 25 countries). Despite our best efforts to achieve a full-coverage, accurate carbon footprint, discrepancies persist. For more information, please refer to our latest CSR report.