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As a business that is active in many diverse communities, we invest to have a positive social impact in every community we touch by improving education and employment opportunities.

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India Kerala Lifeboat - Agility
A lifeboat in the Kerala floods
Following the flood in Kerala, an Agility employee was among these first responders, traveling nearly 35 km to bring his boat and assist local citizen rescue teams to help save the lives of more than 50 individuals affected by the flooding; venturing into pockets where even state deployed personnel could not reach.
India, 2018
50 Beneficiaries
1 Volunteers
Indonesia - Agility
Indonesia earthquake and tsunami response
In response to the earthquake and tsunami that struck Indonesia in September, the UN Global Logistics Cluster was activated. The LET were asked to move cargo, including shelter materials, life support, food, health, and water/sanitation materials, into the disaster affected area, and to design an operational supply chain for national and international humanitarian aid organizations – putting their training to immediate use.
Indonesia, 2018
7 Beneficiaries
7 Volunteers
India Good Shepherd - Agility
Four years of support for the Good Shepherd Children’s Home
AES team in Hyderabad has been supporting the Good Shepherd Children's Home for the past four years, donating groceries and supplies to cover the needs for more than 70 children who are in need of basic essentials to maintain a decent standard of living.
India, 2018
70 Beneficiaries
5 Volunteers
pakistan - Agility
Agility Pakistan donates blood to Thalassemia patients
56 Agility Pakistan employees donated blood to the Fatimid Foundation, a local non-profit that helps thalassemia patients receive free blood transfusions and treatments.
Pakistan, 2018
56 Beneficiaries
56 Volunteers
Netherlands - Agility
Employee helps 180 families and children in Albania
An Agility employee completed a project helping an Albanian nonprofit restore homes, distribute food packages, and build playgrounds among other things to more than 180 families, children, and orphans, after eight months of preparation.
Netherlands, 2018
180 Beneficiaries
1 Volunteers
Romania - Agility
Romania collections school supplies for underprivileged students
Agility Romania helped the Local Scouts Center collect, package and distribute school supplies, clothes, and computers to the Frasinet School and kindergarten that hosts 200 children, between the ages of two and 14.
Romania, 2018
200 Beneficiaries
3 Volunteers
India notebook - Agility
Notebook and stationery distribution in India
Agility E-Services Center employees donated more than 39,000 notebooks and stationery supplies to more than 5,500 students in 30 schools around India.
India, 2018
5,520 Beneficiaries
40 Volunteers
Colombia - Agility
Agility Colombia builds a park
Agility Colombia conducted a park creation activity in a disadvantaged neighborhood where more than 300 people reside. The children in the area also received lessons from an environmental expert on how to properly care for the community and the trees that were planted.
Colombia, 2018
300 Beneficiaries
20 Volunteers
pakistan - Agility
Long-term partnership with The Citizen’s Foundation
Agility Pakistan has been associated with The Citizen's Foundation (TCF) since 2010. TCF is a professionally managed, non-profit organization set up in 1995 by a group of citizens concerned with the dismal state of education in Pakistan. It is now one of Pakistan's leading organizations in the field of formal education. As of 2014, TCF has established 1,000 purpose-built school units across 100 towns and cities, providing education to 145,000 students.
Pakistan, 2018
161 Beneficiaries
16 Volunteers
Switzerland - Agility
Agility employee cycles 1,000 km for charity
An Agility employee completed an 11-day, 1,000-kilometer bike ride to raise awareness and donations for Bloodwise, a UK based charity driving research into the 137 types of blood cancer.
Switzerland, 2018
Tristar - Agility
Tristar Kenya invests in education
Tristar Kenya’s Office in Nairobi oversaw the construction of two new sanitary facilities for both boys and girls, with bio-digesters, modern cisterns and flowing water, sanitary bins and hand wash dispensers.
Kenya, 2018
2,000 Beneficiaries
1 Volunteers
India Kuknoor - Agility
Agility adopts a school in Kuknoor Village
Agility E-Services Center employees oversaw the reconstruction of washroom facilities, donated benches and desks, and hired three teachers at the Kuknoor Village School; which led to an increase in enrollment from 46 to 155 student in under a year.
India, 2018
155 Beneficiaries
60 Volunteers
Thailand Scholarships - Agility
Agility Thailand awards 33 scholarships
Agility Thailand employees participated in their second Global Education Drive project over the course of three months, donating school supplies, and offering 33 scholarships to a total 314 students in a local school, located in a disadvantaged area near a national forest.
Thailand, 2018
314 Beneficiaries
78 Volunteers
Iraq School Construction - Agility
School renovation in Basra
Agility Iraq renovates washroom facilities and outfits classrooms for a girls' school in Basra that enrolls 500 students a semester.
Iraq, 2018
500 Beneficiaries
3 Volunteers
Philippines BacktoSchool - Agility
Back-to-School preparation in the Philippines
Agility Philippines employees helped prepare a local elementary school, which supports more than 2,150 students, for the coming school year by donating paint and cleaning supplies.
Philippines, 2018
2,150 Beneficiaries
21 Volunteers
Bangladesh - Agility
Seven dedicated employees tutor children in the Gulshan Literacy Program for 3rd
Agility Bangladesh continues to support the Gulshan Literacy Program, with seven dedicated employee volunteers tutoring 460 children four times a week in English, general knowledge, and computer skills.
Bangladesh, 2018
460 Beneficiaries
7 Volunteers
Ghana - Agility
Vocational training program with Oiada International
Agility launched a community vocational training program at the Agility Logistics Park (ALP) in Tema, Ghana, in collaboration with Oiada International, a local NGO, to provide free vocational and technical training to 180 local young adults in electrical work, brickmaking, and basic IT and computer skills. The goal is to empower students to find employment using the practical skills they learn in the program.
Kuwait, 2018
180 Beneficiaries
5 Volunteers
Kuwait - Agility
Agility Kuwait distributes “Machla” boxes to underprivileged families
Agility successfully completed its Machla distribution across Kuwait, which ran ahead of the Holy month of Ramadan; reaching 787 families with the help of its affiliate, United Projects for Aviation Services Company (UPAC), and the Kuwaiti non-profitable organization, The Basket.
Kuwait, 2018
787 Beneficiaries
14 Volunteers
kuwait marathon - race - agility
RunKuwait Marathon to raise money for children’s health
Agility Kuwait employees joined the annual RunKuwait Marathon for the eighth consecutive year, along with 2,000 participants, to raise money for the Children's Evaluation and Rehabilitation Center, which serves children with disabilities that need special support and do not have access to appropriate healthcare.
Kuwait, 2018
57 Beneficiaries
57 Volunteers
Kuwait - Agility
Agility supports MIT initiative for refugee innovation for 2nd year
Agility supports the MIT Enterprise Forum Pan Arab Innovate for Refugees Competition (IFR Competition) for the third consecutive year. IFR is designed to attract the best tech-driven solutions addressing the refugee crisis and reward innovative solutions for life threatening challenges faced by refugees worldwide.
Kuwait, 2018
4 Beneficiaries
4 Volunteers
warehouse Kuwait - Agility
Agility Kuwait supports LOYAC KON Social Entrepreneurship Program
Agility Kuwait took part in the mentorship and training of 55 students enrolled in this year’s LOYAC KON Social Entrepreneurship Program, in collaboration with Babson College.
Kuwait, 2018
55 Beneficiaries
8 Volunteers
Kuwait INJAZ - Agility
Agility supports INJAZ for the 13th consecutive year
Employees from Agility Kuwait and United Projects for Aviation Services Company (UPAC), a leading commercial real estate and facilities management company and one of Agility’s infrastructure companies, hosted several INJAZ Job Shadow workshops and Innovation Camps throughout the year, mentoring close to 120 students from schools, colleges, and universities in Kuwait.
Kuwait, 2018
118 Beneficiaries
29 Volunteers
Seminar - Agility
Agility supports MIT initiative for refugee innovation
Agility Kuwait continues to participate in the Innovate for Refugees – MIT Enterprise Forum Pan Arab’s Regional Competition, in which students compete for the best tech-driven solutions to social and business challenges. The program addresses issues related to the ongoing refugee crisis and is focused on engaging young people affected by the crisis who are keen to develop entrepreneurial skills.
Kuwait, 2017
10 Beneficiaries
4 Volunteers
warehouse in Kuwait - Agility
GIL Recycling Program
The Agility Kuwait warehousing and operations team has run a recycling program for the past four years. In 2017, 15,296 kg of plastic, 106,297 kg of cardboard, 1,900 kg of metal and 3,475 wooden pallets were recycled from the Sulaibiya and Mina Abdullah warehouse operations locations. Funds raised from the program are directed to employee welfare programs.
Kuwait, 2017
1 Beneficiary
1 Volunteer
Vietnam - Agility
Agility Vietnam partners with Bao Van Pagoda to distribute food
Agility Vietnam partnered with Bao Van Pagoda, a local nonprofit, to distribute food to more than 3,000 locals in several areas in Vietnam and Cambodia.
Vietnam, 2017
3,000 Beneficiaries
35 Volunteers
India - Agility
Notebooks and stationary distributed to children in 15 government schools
Agility India employees participated in a Notebook & Stationery Distribution Drive, donating 27,500 books for more than 2,300 students in 15 government schools and NGOs.
India, 2017
2,300 Beneficiaries
43 Volunteers
Jordan - Agility
Partnering with the Children’s Museum to host children during Ramadan
Agility Jordan partnered with the Children's Museum to host approximately 200 children with their families during Ramadan.
Jordan, 2017
200 Beneficiaries
25 Volunteers
Egypt - Agility
Employees in Egypt refurbish schools
Agility Egypt employees partnered with the nonprofit organization to support four schools, benefiting more than 700 students.
Egypt, 2017
700 Beneficiaries
28 Volunteers
Singapore - Agility
Singapore employees distribute toys to needy children
Agility Singapore employees distributed 500 toys to needy children for the nonprofit Food from the Heart.
Singapore, 2017
500 Beneficiaries
40 Volunteers
Bangladesh - Agility
Employees in Bangladesh commemorate Earth Day
The Agility Bangladesh team organized green initiatives to commemorate annual Earth Day celebrations for 500 students.
Bangladesh, 2017
500 Beneficiaries
19 Volunteers
Thailand - Agility
Employees in Thailand donate school supplies and offer scholarships
Agility Thailand employees distributed school supplies, blankets and food, and offered scholarships to 220 disadvantaged students in a rural school.
Thailand, 2017
220 Beneficiaries
82 Volunteers
Employees in Philippines donate school supplies in two cities
Agility Philippines donated school equipment, supplies, clothes and footwear to 670 children in two different cities.
Philippines, 2017
671 Beneficiaries
1 Volunteers
Vietnam - Agility
Employees in Vietnam organize a Lunar New Year party
Agility Vietnam organized a lunar new year party for 660 students in a disadvantaged area to encourage their school participation.
Vietnam, 2017
660 Beneficiaries
3 Volunteers
Germany - Agility
Agility Germany supports a children’s hospice
Agility Germany employees came together to provide active support to a children's hospice they have been supporting for years, benefiting around 350 children and their families.
Germany, 2017
100 Beneficiaries
100 Volunteers
USA - Agility
Get Ready, Get Set, STEP! for charity
Agility employees in Irvine, California, created a health campaign challenge titled Get Ready, Get Set, STEP! involving 100 employees in branches across North America and Canada to raise money for charity.
USA, 2017
100 Beneficiaries
100 Volunteers
pakistan - Agility
Earth day projects in Pakistan
Agility Pakistan partnered with the World Wildlife Foundation to create Earth Day projects for 70 employee volunteers.
Pakistan, 2017
70 Beneficiaries
70 Volunteers
Indonesia - Agility
Green initiatives to prevent landslides
Agility Indonesia organized four green initiatives to with the objective of decreasing the effects of landslides and help preserving the environment.
Indonesia, 2017
204 Beneficiaries
204 Volunteers
Taiwan - Agility
Beach clean up
Agility Taiwan employees led a beach clean-up activity on Earth Day 2017, involving 40 employees and their relatives for greater impact.
Taiwan, 2017
40 Beneficiaries
40 Volunteers
Philippines - Agility
NatGeo run to commemorate Earth Day
To commemorate Earth Day in 2017, 55 Agility Philippines employees joined the annual Nat GEO Run, organized by the World Wildlife Foundation.
Philippines, 2017
55 Beneficiaries
55 Volunteers
Bangladesh - Agility
Employees tutor children in the Gulshan Literacy Program for 2nd year
Agility Bangladesh initiated its second school year, supporting the Gulshan Literacy Program. Agility volunteers donated their time to tutor students in English, basic computer skills and other subjects.
Bangladesh, 2017
500 Beneficiaries
10 Volunteers
Romania - Agility
Computer lab donation
Agility Romania donated computer equipment that will benefit more than 1,150 students in four schools. The team also led a student-run donation drive to collect clothes and toys for the Save the Children Foundation.
Romania, 2017
1,150 Beneficiaries
5 Volunteers
Peru - Agility
Flood Relief in Peru
Following a massive flood, Agility Peru provided transportation support to move more than 400 tons of aid material to support flood victims.
Peru, 2017
2,500 Beneficiaries
10 Volunteers
Yemen - Agility
Container Donation for cholera outbreak
During Yemen’s massive cholera outbreak that affected more than 500,000 people, Agility procured and delivered a 20-foot refrigerated shipping container to the UN Global Logistics Cluster. The container is being used to store critical medicine in refrigerated conditions.
Yemen, 2017
500,000 Beneficiaries
6 Volunteers
Thailand - Agility
Flood Relief in Thailand
Supporting Red Cross missions after flooding, Agility Thailand’s 316 volunteers contributed multiple truck deliveries of flood relief items to 16,300 people in 12 flood-stricken provinces covering more than 22,000km.
Thailand, 2017
16,300 Beneficiaries
316 Volunteers
Bangladesh - Agility
Flood Response in Bangaldesh
When Bangladesh suffered a severe flood, Agility Bangladesh procured, delivered and distributed relief supplies to 1,000 families.
Bangladesh, 2017
1,000 Beneficiaries
13 Volunteers
Bangladesh - Agility
Container Donation for refugees in Cox’s Bazaar
Agility donated a 20-foot refrigerated shipping container to the UN Global Logistics Cluster to enable humanitarian organizations to store cholera medication to help protect the Rohingya refugees who have fled Myanmar and living in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh.
Bangladesh, 2017
500,000 Beneficiaries
UNHCR Fundraiser
Agility launched a global fundraising campaign to raise funds to support the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). The proceeds from this project went toward a cash transfer program for Syrian refugees living in Jordan.
Jordan, 2017
535 Beneficiaries
116 Volunteers
Puerto Rico - Agility
Raising funds for Puerto Rico after 2 devastating hurricanes
Following Puerto Rico’s two devastating hurricanes, Irma and Maria, the Agility USA team in Chicago, Illinois, raised money and conducted a food drive to benefit friends, family and others affected by the storms and subsequent power loss.
USA, 2017
17 Beneficiaries
2 Volunteers
USA - Agility
Raising funds for victims of Hurricane Harvey
After Hurricane Harvey, Agility USA employees raised more than $52,000 in donations for necessary supplies for Houston-based co-workers who experienced housing and other material losses.
USA, 2017
Kuwait - Agility
School supplies for Syrian refugees
Agility, along with its subsidiary UPAC, collected funds and school supplies. Each student received a backpack, school notebooks, and stationary, and raised funds to support the tuition fees for Syrian refugee students.
Kuwait, 2016
106 Beneficiaries
15 Volunteers
Chemical safty - Agility
Chemicals Safety Workshop with students
Agility chemicals safety experts introduced and identified the different classes of chemicals to the students and educated them on the various safety measures that should be taken to avoid any hazardous effects.
Kuwait, 2016
158 Beneficiaries
8 Volunteers
Community garden - Agility
Promoting sustainable community gardening
Agility Kuwait and Kuwait Healthy Living, a non-profit, conducted a two-month campaign that promoted sustainable community gardening and healthy eating among primary school students.
Kuwait, 2016
21 Beneficiaries
2 Volunteers
cleaning campaign - Agility
Multiple initiatives to support the US Environmental Protection Agency
Agility supported the Environmental Protection Agency with several events throughout 2016, which included beach clean-ups, plastics recycling, and awareness raising workshops about water conservation, waste and general environmental preservation.
Kuwait, 2016
45 Beneficiaries
45 Volunteers
Haiti - Agility
Participation in LET response to Hurricane Matthew in Haiti
As part of the Logistics Emergency Teams (LET), Agility donated 2,000 sqm of a warehouse for two months to store emergency food assistance for 750,000 people displaced by Hurricane Mathew in Haiti. In addition, a team of 11 experienced Agility logisticians flew into Haiti to support the relief efforts on the ground.
Haiti, 2016
750,000 Beneficiaries
11 Volunteers
UNHCR - Agility
UNHCR Fundraiser
Agility launched a global fundraising campaign to raise funds to support the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). The proceeds from this project went towards a cash transfer program for Syrian refugees living in Jordan.
Jordan, 2016
300 Beneficiaries
1 Volunteers
India - Agility
Employees provide school supplies and fund a night school
The Agility India team spent some time with a local school and distributed notebooks and school supplies to over 900 underprivileged students. In addition, Agility has also helped fund a night school that has helped educate over 300 students. Local Agility team members also volunteer as tutors to help teach these students important IT skills.
India, 2016
1,200 Beneficiaries
30 Volunteers
USA - Agility
Raising donations of more than $3 million for Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA)
Over the last decade, Agility USA has raised over USD$3.3 million for disabled veterans. Since 2008, Agility USA has organized the Paralyzed Veterans Golf Open Day to benefit Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA). Donations are used to help disabled veterans pursue meaningful careers. PVA uses the funds to provide free, one-on-one counseling and support to any veteran, family member or caregiver. It also offers assistance to employers committed to hiring veterans.
USA, 2016
turkey - Agility
Upgrading school facilities to improve resource consumption
Agility Turkey employees initiated a campaign to help raise awareness on environmental preservation amongst local primary school students. In addition, new water taps were installed to upgrade school facilities in order to improve resource consumption. The Agility volunteers also delivered lectures to students to highlight different ways to improve resource consumption and save water.
Turkey, 2016
698 Beneficiaries
20 Volunteers
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